Aio te Form ibukiia te Nati-n-Kiribati ake a makuri, maeka ao n reirei iaban nako tinaniku. Aio ana waaki te MLHRD n karababaa nako ana reitaki ibukin karekeaia Oveseas Employers ake ana tauraoi n kamwakuria ara koraki n aron ae ti waaki iai ngkai ma Australia ao New Zealand. Click here .....

MEHR's existing organisational structure embraces 2 key divisions and 2 training institutes, which share and contribute to the goals of the Ministry.


(i)                    Administrative Services Division which provides administrative support (including accounting and IT support) and advice for the efficient operation of the Ministry
(ii)                  Labour Division manages and promotes employment both locally and overseas and ensures decent work for te I-Kiribati
(iii)                Kiribati Institute of Technology provides vocational training delivered to endorsed Australian and Pacific standards for local as well as international employment
(iv)                Marine Training Center provides training for the country’s seafarers and fishermen for national and international employment.  

3 Complaint Management Officer
1 Public Sector Inspector
5 Registry Clerk

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