To provide a highly trained, productive, healthy sustainable and internationally competitive and employable workforce in Kiribati

Kiribati is blessed to have a young and growing population base and it is the important responsibility of Government to nurture and enhance positive human resources development that will in turn contribute to overall sustainable national development.  The Ministry is tasked with ensuring that this vision is realised, to nurture and develop this major resource, our young and growing population beyond compulsory education. This Strategic Plan sets out the Ministry’s road map and strategic directions and goals over the next three years that will help with the realisation of this vision.


To provide quality technical and vocational educational training (TVET) programs to enhance workforce skills, productivity, employability, and to maximise decent work opportunities for I-Kiribati, nationally and internationally.

This will be achieved by developing closer linkages with industry, stronger alignment between the curriculum offered in schools and TVET institutions, delivering high-quality and relevant TVET programs, providing equitable access to an internationally respected TVET sector, and developing effective labour mobility strategies. This will provide I-Kiribati with the required skills to maximise their employability within Kiribati and abroad.


The overarching goal is to improve the relevance and quality of workforce development opportunities for I-Kiribati in our training institutions, ensure greater access to these institutions and deliver high quality international standards programs to ensure employability of our people.

All young people should have positive experience that prepares them for the future they want. If we want our young people to access the knowledge and economy of the future, we have to ensure they all have the chance to achieve education levels and skills that are comparable with the best in our region. The focus by Government for the next decade will be on strengthening the foundations of education for all Kiribati young people. High priority will be given to ensuring that vocational education in Kiribati has close linkages with formal primary and secondary education giving all our children a fair opportunity to access the pathways beyond compulsory schooling, whether it is through further schooling, vocational training or making the transition to community life.


The underpinning principles - set of organisational values that the Ministry and all its Divisions have committed to guide their work. These principles include: trust, accountability, transparency, innovativeness, inclusiveness, teamwork and collaboration, and most importantly, a focus on quality and excellence in the delivery of services and programs to the public.

The Ministry, as highlighted in its Strategic Plan supports and contributes to: 

  1. a) KPA 2:Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation by providing training which will enhance the development of the private sector (business community), ensuring technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is focused and meets the needs of internal and external labour markets and enhance youth empowerment and employment;
  2. b) KPA 5: Governance by establishing and enforcing Labour Laws and Acts.

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