1. The passing of the OHS Act 2015 and Employment and Industrial Relations Act 2015 which supersedes the Employment Ordinance, Industrial Relations Code, Trade Unions Act - the new act modernises         Kiribati Labour laws and ensures compliance with ILO standards.

2. The establishment of minimum wage as required under the EIR Act.

3. Development of Labour Migration policy

4. The merger of KSoN with KIT provides KIT a greater diversity of courses in the health and community services sector as well as the opportunity to establish and additional campus in Bikenibeu

5. The merger of FTC with MTC as a fisheries department with the latter - as a result of the merger MTC now delivers fisheries training programmes.

6. Fisheries curriculum developed in line with traditional overseas employment opportunities as well as emerging ones e.g: trawling

7. TVET Strategy developed but yet to be fully implemented.

8. Establishment of Industry Training and Advisory Committees for KIT and MTC providing opportunity for industry stakeholders to dialogue on training requirements to meet industry demands.

9. The establishment of Labour Mobility Committee to coordinate inter-ministerial activities on Labour Mobility

10. Completion of new buildings and facilities for MTC through NZAID funded Institutional Strengthening Project (ISP)

11. Near completion of new buildings and facilities for KIT through DFAT's TVET Sector Support Program (TVETSSP)

12. The establishment of a Labour branch/office in Kiritimati for recruitment to Government posts on Kiritimati (excluding SOE posts) and coordinating Labour Division activities on Kiritimati

13. The establishment of recruitment conditions for temporary migrant workers which links performance of workers to island quota - i.e: serious misconduct on the part of workers whilst on overseas employment will affect the quota from their island.

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